Magnetoresistivity of the spin-fluctuation materials titanium-beryllium (TiBe2) and uranium-aluminum (UAl2)

J.M. Ruitenbeek, van, A.P.J. Deursen, van, H.W. Myron, A.J. Arko, J.L. Smith

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High-field magnetoresistivity (MR) measurements are presented for high-purity samples of TiBe2 and UAl2. The MR of TiBe2 gives strong evidence for scattering due to spin fluctuations. The peculiar features in the MR around 5 T are apparently connected to the maxima in the susceptibility and may provide a clue to a theoretical description of the contributions of spin fluctuations to the resistivity. A value for the spin-fluctuation temperature is obtained and it is in agreement with earlier estimates. The MR of UAl2 is consistent with the behavior of a compensated metal. From the high-field behavior of the MR we expect to observe de Haas–van Alphen oscillations above approximately 10 T, but up to 40 T no signals are found. A small negative MR at higher temperatures may be due to spin-fluctuation scattering, but the evidence is not as clear as for TiBe2.
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TijdschriftPhysical Review B: Condensed Matter
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StatusGepubliceerd - 1986


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