Machinability of MMCs using diamond coated tools.

S.P.F.C. Jaspers, J.H. Dautzenberg, J.A.J. Oosterling

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In this investigation turning and milling tests were undertaken to quantify the performance of diamond coated cutting inserts. The diamond coatings were manufd. using a hot filament CVD unit. The workpiece materials are AA6082 and A356 both contg. 18% SiC, and AA7075 which contained 13% SiC. In both machining tests the diamond film gives excellent wear resistance and thereby increases tool life tremendously, revealing its great potential for industrial use
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TitelMaterials, functionality and design : proceedings of the 5th European conference on advanced materials and processes and applications, EUROMAT '97, Maastricht, The Netherlands, April 21-23, 1997. Vol. 1. Metals and composites
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UitgeverijNetherlands Society for Materials Science
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StatusGepubliceerd - 1997


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