Look-ahead seek correction in high-performance CD-Rom drives

S.G. Stan, H. Kempen, van, G.A.L. Leenknegt, T.H.M. Akkermans

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As the performance of CD-ROM drives continues to increase, special attention should be paid to any element in the system that disturbs the desired specifications. When very low access times are considered, it is mandatory to reach the target track within only one seek action, i.e. without any consequent retry or correction seek. Many CD-ROM drives count the tracks crossed during seeking and, by comparing this count with the pre-calculated seek length, the exact target location can be detected. This paper considers the error that affects the track-counting mechanism due to the rotating disc spiral. It is shown that, for a given seek length, the number of crossed tracks differs between outside- and inside-oriented seeks. The involved equations are derived and an algorithm proposed for determining the correct number of tracks to be crossed during a seek action. The proposed algorithm, which is optimized for microprocessor implementation, relies on two look-up tables and a learning scheme that allows look-ahead seek correction for both spiral rotation and system tolerances
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TijdschriftIEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics
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