Local formation of a Heusler structure in CoFe-Al alloys

S. Wurmehl, P.J. Jacobs, J.T. Kohlhepp, H.J.M. Swagten, B. Koopmans, S. Maat, M.J. Carey, J.R. Childress

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We systematically study the changes in the local atomic environments of Co in CoFe-Al alloys as a function of Al content by means of nuclear magnetic resonance. We find that a Co2 FeAl Heusler type structure is formed on a local scale. The observed formation of a highly spin-polarized Heusler compound may explain the improved magnetotransport properties in CoFe-Al based current-perpendicular-to-the-plane spin-valves.
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TijdschriftApplied Physics Letters
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2011


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