Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method

M.C.J. Baggen (Uitvinder), C.M. Biggelaar, van den (Uitvinder), T. Tso (Uitvinder), M.F. Heertjes (Uitvinder), R. Kamidi (Uitvinder), D.A.P.H. Houben (Uitvinder), C.P.M.J. Baggen (Uitvinder), M.J.G. Molengraft, van de (Uitvinder)

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In a lithographic apparatus, a feedforward transfer function of a control system, is determined by: a) iteratively learning a feedforward output signal of the control system by iterative learning control for a given setpoint signal; b) determining a relation between the learned feedforward output signal and the setpoint signal; and c) applying the relation as the feedforward transfer function of the control system. A learned feedforward, which has been learned for one or more specific setpoint signals only, can be adapted to provide a setpoint signal dependent feedforward output signal. The learned feedforward can be made more robust against setpoint variations.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 7 sep 2011

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