Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method

C.C.M. Luijten (Uitvinder), S.N.L. Donders (Uitvinder), N.R. Kemper (Uitvinder), M.H.A. Leenders (Uitvinder), E.R. Loopstra (Uitvinder), Bob Streefkerk (Uitvinder), M. Beckers (Uitvinder), H. Boom (Uitvinder), R. Moerman (Uitvinder)

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An immersion lithographic projection apparatus has a liquid confinement structure configured to at least partly confine liquid to a space between a projection system and a substrate, the confinement structure having a buffer surface, when in use, positioned in close proximity to a plane substantially comprising the upper surface of the substrate and of a substrate table holding the substrate, to define a passage having a flow resistance. A recess is provided in the buffer surface, the recess, when in use, being normally full of immersion liquid to enable rapid filling of a gap between the substrate and substrate table as the gap moves under the buffer surface. The recess may be annular or radial and a plurality of recesses may be provided.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 30 mrt. 2006


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