LDAC 2020 - Proceedings of the 8th Linked Data in Architecture and Construction Workshop

María Poveda-Villalón (Redacteur), Ana Roxin (Redacteur), Kris McGlinn (Redacteur), Pieter Pauwels (Redacteur)

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The proceedings contain 11 papers. The topics discussed include: from obXML to the OP ontology: developing a semantic model for occupancy profile; linked data for smart homes: comparing RDF and labeled property graphs; towards defining data usage restrictions in the built environment; design and integration of the project-specific ontology for data analytics support; a GIS-based ontology for representing the surrounding environment of buildings to support building renovation; integration of BIM-related bridge information in an ontological knowledgebase; validation of IfcOWL datasets using SHACL; ifcOWL-DfMA a new ontology for the offsite construction domain; pattern-based access control in a decentralized collaboration environment; common data environments for the information container for linked document delivery; and linking BIM and GIS standard ontologies with linked data.

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StatusGepubliceerd - 9 jul 2020
Evenement8th Linked Data in Architecture and Construction Workshop - Virtually Hosted, Dublin, Ierland
Duur: 17 jun 202019 jun 2020

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NaamCEUR Workshop Proceedings
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