Laser-impact-induced splashing: an analysis of the splash crown evolution after Nd:YAG ns-pulse laser impact on a liquid tin pool

J. Hermens, H. Gelderblom, B. Liu, J. Duffhues, P. Rindt, O.O. Versolato (Corresponding author)

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The splash created by intense laser pulse impact onto a liquid tin layer is studied experimentally using time-delayed stroboscopic shadowgraphy. An 8-ns infrared (1064 nm) laser pulse is focused onto a deep liquid tin pool. Various laser spot sizes (70, 120, and 130 μ m in diameter) and various laser pulse energies (ranging 2.5–30 mJ) are used, resulting in laser fluences of ∼ 10–1000 J/cm2 inducing pronounced splashing. Specifically, we study the time evolution of the splash crown-width. The crown width expansion velocity is found to be linearly dependent on the laser energy, and independent of the focal spot size. A collapse of all crown width evolution data onto a single master curve confirms that the hydrodynamic evolution of our laser-impact-induced splash is equivalent to droplet-impact-induced splashing. Laser-impact splashing is particularly relevant, e.g. for high-brightness laser-assisted discharge-produced plasma and laser-produced plasma sources of extreme ultraviolet light for nanolithography.

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TijdschriftApplied Physics B: Lasers and Optics
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StatusGepubliceerd - mrt 2021

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The authors thank Niek Lopes Cardozo, Job Beckers, Anton Darhuber, and Laurens van Buuren for fruitful discussions. Part of this work has been carried out at the Advanced Research Center for Nanolithography (ARCNL), a public–private partnership of the University of Amsterdam (UvA), the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU), the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) and the semiconductor equipment manufacturer ASML.

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