Large-Scale H2 Optimization for Thermo-Mechanical Reliability of Electronics

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Optimization of transient models is required in several domains related to thermo-mechanical reliability of electronics, such as Prognostic Health Monitoring (PHM) and design optimization. A novel framework for efficient (local) parameter optimization of transient models in the H2 norm is proposed. The optimization is feasible for large-scale transient models because it approximates the gradient using physics-based model order reduction (MOR), in contrast to existing approaches that typically use data-driven surrogate models such as neural networks. To demonstrate the framework an optimal fixed-order virtual sensor for PHM of a Ball Grid Array (BGA) is numerically determined.

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TitelScientific Computing in Electrical Engineering
SubtitelSCEE 2022, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, July 2022
RedacteurenMartijn van Beurden, Neil V. Budko, Gabriela Ciuprina, Wil Schilders, Harshit Bansal, Ruxandra Barbulescu
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EvenementScientific Computing in Electrical Engineering, SCEE 2022 - Amsterdam, Nederland
Duur: 11 jul. 202214 jul. 2022

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NaamMathematics in Industry
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CongresScientific Computing in Electrical Engineering, SCEE 2022
Verkorte titelSCEE 2022
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