Joint queue length distribution of multi-class, single-server queues with preemptive priorities

A.V. Sleptchenko, J. Selen, I.J.B.F. Adan, G.J.J.A.N. Houtum, van

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In this paper we analyze an M/M/1 queueing system with an arbitrary number of customer classes, with class-dependent exponential service rates and preemptive priorities between classes. The queuing system can be described by a multi-dimensional Markov process, where the coordinates keep track of the number of customers of each class in the system. Based on matrix-analytic techniques and probabilistic arguments, we develop a recursive method for the exact determination of the equilibrium joint queue length distribution. The method is applied to a spare parts logistics problem to illustrate the effect of setting repair priorities on the performance of the system. We conclude by briefly indicating how the method can be extended to an M/M/1 queueing system with non-preemptive priorities between customer classes. Keywords: Static priority Equilibrium distribution Matrix-analytic method Multi-dimensional Markov process
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TijdschriftQueueing Systems: Theory and Applications
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2015

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