Jatropha oil and biogas in a dual fuel CI engine for rural electrification

C.C.M. Luijten, E. Kerkhof

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This work presents the first dual fuel measurements with pure jatropha oil and biogas, using a 12 kW diesel engine generator. Reference tests are done with pure jatropha oil and with diesel to characterize the engine’s thermal efficiency eta_t, volumetric efficiency eta_v and air excess ratio lambda versus output power. An extensive parameter study is done topredict/explain the effect of dual fuel operation on eta_v and lambda. Dual fuel experiments, adding different qualities (CH4/CO2 ratios) of synthetic biogas to the intake air, show that thermal efficiency is hardly affected for higher loads. For lower loads, biogas addition results in a decrease up to 10% in thermal efficiency, independent of biogas quality. Bothhv and l decrease with addition of biogas, in quantitative agreement with predictions. The engine runs well up to a certain heat release fraction of methane; at higher fractions irregularities are observed, probably attributable to light end-gas knock.
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TijdschriftEnergy Conversion and Management
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