Isolated MMC-based ac/ac stage for ultrafast chargers

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The application of indirect and direct modular multilevel converter-based topologies in an isolated ultrafast charger, operating from a three-phase medium-voltage grid, is compared. The most promising circuit is an isolated direct ac/ac modular multilevel converter, in which four-quadrant operation is possible by employing full-bridge sub-modules. The direct ac/ac conversion reduces the cost and volume of fast charging stations by eliminating line frequency transformers. An analytical model focusing on the decomposition of circuit states is employed to present the control scheme. Subsequently, the approach is validated with simulation results, corroborating the suitability for high-power bidirectional battery chargers.
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Titel2021 IEEE 30th International Symposium on Industrial Electronics (ISIE)
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StatusGepubliceerd - 13 nov. 2021
Evenement30th International Symposium on Industrial Electronics: Full Online Conference - Online, Kyoto, Japan
Duur: 20 jun. 202123 jun. 2021
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Congres30th International Symposium on Industrial Electronics: Full Online Conference
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