I/O-optimal algorithms on grid graph

H.J. Haverkort

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Given a graph of which the n vertices form a regular two-dimensional grid, and in which each (possibly weighted and/or directed) edge connects a vertex to one of its eight neighbours, the following can be done in O(scan(n)) I/Os, provided M = Omega(B^2): computation of shortest paths with non-negative edge weights from a single source, breadth-first traversal, computation of a minimum spanning tree, topological sorting, time-forward processing (if the input is a plane graph), and an Euler tour (if the input graph is a tree). The minimum-spanning tree algorithm is cache-oblivious. The best previously published algorithms for these problems need Theta(sort(n)) I/Os. Estimates of the actual I/O volume show that the new algorithms may often be very efficient in practice.
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Volume1211.2066 [cs.DS]

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