Introduction and organization of book material

Francky Catthoor, Twan Basten, Nikolaos Zompakis, Marc C.W. Geilen, Per Gunnar Kjeldsberg

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The focus of this book is on the principles and the use of the system scenario approach. This concept effectively supports the efficient realization of systems in the presence of strong dynamic behavior. The efficiency can be obtained in a multi-dimensional cost space. Realizations can involve the mapping of applications on some type of implementation platforms, but the approach is not limited to this, as the demonstrators in this book illustrate.
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TitelSystem-Scenario-based Design Principles and Applications
RedacteurenFrancky Catthoor, Twan Basten, Nikolaos Zompakis, Marc Geilen, Per Gunnar Kjeldsberg
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StatusGepubliceerd - 16 okt. 2019


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