F. Gallucci (Redacteur), M. van Sint Annaland (Redacteur)

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According to International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the effect of human activities on changes in the climate is very likely to have been dominating natural variations especially in the past 50 years. On the short term, significant reductions of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions may be attained from energy savings. The transition towards a world economy based on energy supply via sustainable sources such as wind-, hydro- and solar energy, or nuclear power is therefore expected to be a lengthy process that cannot be expected to be solely responsible for the stabilization of atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations in this century. In this respect, novel concepts based on process intensification can help to reduce CO2 emissions and can lead the transition towards a more sustainable energy scenario. This introductory chapter briefs the organization of other chapters in the book.

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TitelProcess Intensification for Sustainable Energy Conversion
RedacteurenF. Galluci, M. van Sint Annaland
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    Gallucci, F., & van Sint Annaland, M. (editors) (2015). Introduction. In F. Galluci, & M. van Sint Annaland (editors), Process Intensification for Sustainable Energy Conversion (blz. 1-6). Wiley.