Interpersonal relationships of high schools' teachers and teachers' profiles

S. Telli, J. Cakiroglu, P.J. Brok, den

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    The purpose of the study was to examnine associations between Turkish high school students'perceptions of their teacher's interpersonal behavior and drawn attention to the relationship between students'affective outcomes and teachers' interpersonal behavior. The Questionnaire on Teacher Interaction(QTI), evaluate teacher's behavior on two dimensions: Dominance/ Submission (Influence) and Cooperation/Opposition (Proximity) A total of 674 students from 24 classes in two general hogh school participated in study with their 13 teachers. It was found that students' perceptions were associated with their attitudes and several different types of interpersonal profiles could be distinguished in Turkish science classes. Three types of teachers could be found in the sample such as Directive. Authoritative and Tolerant/ Authoritative teachers. The result of the analysis also indicated that Turkish teachers were perceived by their students as very cooperative and dominant.
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