Interoperability in the ProM framework

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Originally the ProM framework was developed as a platform for process mining, i.e., extracting process models from event logs. However, in recent years the scope of the framework has become broader and now includes process verification, social network analysis, conformance checking, verification based on temporal logic, etc. Moreover, the framework supports a wide variety of process models, e.g., Petri nets, Event-driven Process Chains (EPCs), Heuristics nets, YAWL models, etc. and is plug-able, i.e., people can add plug-ins without changing the framework itself. (Currently, there are more than 70 plug-ins!) This makes the ProM framework an interesting environment for model interoperability. For example, people can take trans-action log from IBM's Websphere, transform it to MXML using ProMimport, discover a process model in terms of a heuristics net, automatically convert the heuristics net to a Petri net for analysis, load an EPC defined using the ARIS toolset, verify the EPC and convert it to a Petri net, determine the fitness of the ARIS model given the transaction log from Websphere, and finally convert both models to a YAWL specification that is exported. Such application scenarios are supported by ProM and demonstrate true model interoperability. In this paper, we present ProM's interoperability capabilities using a running example.
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TitelProceedings of the EMOI-INTEROP Workshop at the 18th International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering (CAiSE'06)
RedacteurenT. Latour, M. Petit
UitgeverijNamur University Press
StatusGepubliceerd - 2006
Evenement3rd Open INTEROP Workshop on Enterprise Modelling and Ontologies for Interoperability (EMOI - INTEROP 2006) - Luxembourg, Luxemburg
Duur: 5 jun 20066 jun 2006
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Workshop3rd Open INTEROP Workshop on Enterprise Modelling and Ontologies for Interoperability (EMOI - INTEROP 2006)
Verkorte titelEMOI - INTEROP ’06


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