INTEROP deliverable DTG 1.3: portal concept for modelling accross organisation

F.-W. Jaekel, C. Campos, N. Perry, J.B.M. Goossenaerts

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Executive Summary Rating Reference Approaches The deliverable on "Model based analysis across enterprises" was the specification for the current deliverable DTG1.3 "Portal concept for modelling across organisation". The target was the elaboration of a portal concept which refers to possible tools and mechanism developed in TG1 and across INTEROP. It illustrates the interlinking of possible application and tutorials developed in TG1 for model synchronisation such as the questionnaire to the industry (motivations of the use of EM), proceedings and lifecycle for model synchronisation, fragments (macro, micro) for modelling in different languages. Regarding the tutorials a link to the WP10 approach has been established. Until the month 36 of INTEROP the task group focused on the research aspect and especially the harmonisation of research. These were reflected in task group meetings and discussions on topics such as design, handling and use of models distributed across independent organisations. In the last period between M36 and M42 the focus was related to dissemination, usability and sustainability. The work was split into 4 main activities: 1. SDDEM tutorial elaboration 2. Description of TG1 results for the VLab coordinated by WP11 3. Publishing of a paper regarding the questionnaire and the TG1 Portal 4. Improving the portal prototype and providing a second early TG1 Portal prototype The work was done by email discussions, subgroup meetings (e.g. in Brussels in coordination with WP12 and during the IESA’07) and by means of updates of the TG1 Portal prototype which have been tested by TG1 members. The main results since the last deliverable D12.2 are related to activities described above. The tutorial has been performed at the IESA’07 and was included in the WP10 INTEROP master activities. The paper "A Questionnaire Design for the Study of Current Practices about the Use of Enterprise Modelling" has been published at the IESA’07. An analysis of the approaches of TG3, WP12, etc. has been performed with respect to their utility for SDDEM. The result was that these activities have very good potentials such as the MoMo Toolbox of TG3 which gives an overview of mapping opportunities and could lead to a mechanism to describe also the mapping between model patterns. Currently the approaches require more maturity to be included in the TG1 SDDEM portal. An early TG1 Portal Prototype has been implemented by IPK which illustrates some aspects of the TG1 approach such as pattern, scenarios, and questionnaire but not the general interconnection with project procedures. This is left for future work. Also the proposal of terminologies such as SCOR are not integrated because of the unclear intellectual property and copy rights situation. For instance, IPK developed in a other project (FLUID-WIN) a terminology including finance and logistics but this terminology is owned by the other project. Anyway the hope is to refer to such terminologies in the future. Furthermore, some aspects such as the pattern approach are tested in industrial projects. Regarding the sustainability of the TG1 research some TG1 partners already propose to continue the work on the topic even they might not participate in the VLab. TG1 Portal is an offer to continue the research on SDDEM topics in the scope of the VLab. The TG1 subject is included in the INTEROP lectures. In general the SDDEM approach of TG1 has strengthened the issue of human perspectives on models and the semantically difference between the meta-model and the meaning given to model patterns by users.
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