International Workshop “Design for Social Interaction in Public Spaces” 2013-2015

J. Hu (Ontwerper), M. Funk (Ontwerper), J.W. Frens (Ontwerper), Y. Zhang (Ontwerper), L.M.G. Feijs (Ontwerper), F. Wang (Ontwerper), P. Zhou (Ontwerper), J. Long (Ontwerper), L. Reindl (Ontwerper), A. Silies (Ontwerper), R. Hong (Ontwerper), Y. Shi (Ontwerper), J. Zhou (Ontwerper), X. Cui (Ontwerper), Y. Ma (Ontwerper)

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The workshop is one of the core activities supported by an agreement among TU/e DESIS Lab, Department of Industrial Design, TU/e, School of Digital Media, JU, and the Science and Education New Town, Taicang, for mutual interests in digital media, industrial design and cultural industry. Under this agreement, the Sino-Dutch Design Center for Social and Cultural Computing was established in 2012, and one of the core activities of this center was to host and support international workshops that involve the researchers, designers and students from both TU/e and JU, fostering new ideas and concepts for cultural industry especially in the area of interactive public art installations.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2015


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