International strategies of port authorities : the case of the Port of Rotterdam authority

M. Dooms, L.M. Lugt, van der, P.W. Langen, de

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In this paper, we aim to develop the international component of port authority strategy, by discussing and analyzing the case of the Port of Rotterdam and its recent developments in terms of establishing an international strategy. The objective is to discuss the types of operating modes that might exist for port authorities in international business, the organizational structure and management processes thereof, and a discussion on the motives and the performance indicators used. From the perspective of the Port of Rotterdam, an insight was provided into organizational characteristics, operating modes, motives, expected results and management of risks related to international operations in the foreland. Furthermore, we establish linkages with recent insights from the international business literature, providing a research agenda within this subtopic of port performance and strategy research, and taking into account specificities of the port sector.
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