Intercalated clay compositions useful for catalysts, such as in hydrocarbon conversion, catalyst supports, and adsorbents

R.M. Lewis (Uitvinder), R.A. Santen, van (Uitvinder)

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The clay compns. comprise colloidal inorg. oxides intercalated between the swellable layers of the clay, with a distance between the sepd. layers >=16 .ANG.. The intercalates are prepd. by contacting a swellable, layered clay with a soln. of colloidal inorg. oxide particles having net pos. surface charges, removing the intercalated clay from soln., and drying it. Na bentonite (surface area .apprx.35 m2/g) 5 was added to a suspension of Nyacol colloidal CeO2 (5-10 mm in size) 29 g. The mixt. was stirred at room temp. for 40 h; the product was isolated, purified by centrifugation, and washed with H2O. The intercalated clay was dried for 20 h. The clay had a layer sepn. of .apprx.21 .ANG., a surface area of .apprx.150 m2/g, and a pore vol. of 0.14 cm3/g. The intercalate was calcined for 1 h in air at 350 Deg; the surface area and pore vol. were unchanged, while the layer sepn. increased. A CeO2-pillared Ce bentonite, made by similar means, was loaded with 0.5 wt.% Pt and used to isomerize hexane.
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