Interactive lighting design using coded light

D. Sekulovski, L. Feri, T.C.W. Schenk, J.P.M.G. Linnartz

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This paper presents an interactive approach for lighting design and control of solid state lighting (SSL) systems with a large number of light sources. This method is enabled by a new technology named Coded Light, in which invisible identifiers are embedded in the light output of these SSL sources. Using these identifiers, the local illumination contributions of the different light sources can be estimated. We present different rendering techniques for single and multiple points in the space, which covers both intensity and chromaticity control. The rendering techniques are designed such to use the estimated local illumination contributions. Finally the paper presents an experimental lighting system that implements the proposed interactive lighting design method.
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TitelProceedings of LUX Europa, 11th European Lighting Conference, 9 -11 september 2009, Istanbul, Turkey,
StatusGepubliceerd - 2009


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