Integrated nutritional intervention in the elderly after hip fracture. A process evaluation

José J.L. Breedveld-Peters, Petronella L.M. Reijven, Caroline E. Wyers, Svenhjalmar van Helden, J.J.C. Arts, Berry Meesters, Martin H. Prins, Trudy van der Weijden, Pieter C. Dagnelie

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Background & aims: Within a multicentre randomized controlled trial aimed at improving the nutritional status and increase the speed of recovery of elderly hip fracture patients, we performed a process evaluation to investigate the feasibility of the intervention within the present Dutch health care system. Methods: Patients in the intervention group received nutritional counseling during 10 contacts. Oral nutritional supplements were advised as needed until three months after hip fracture surgery. The intervention was evaluated with respect to dieticians' adherence to the study protocol, content of nutritional counseling, and patients' adherence to recommendations given. Results: We included 66 patients (mean age of 76, range 55-92 years); 74% women. Eighty-three percent of patients received all 10 contacts as planned, but in 62% of the patients one or more telephone calls had to be replaced by face to face contacts. Nutritional counseling was complete in 91% of contacts. Oral nutritional supplementation was needed for a median period of 76 days; 75% of the patients took the oral nutritional supplements as recommended. Conclusions: Nutritional counseling in elderly hip fracture patients through face to face contacts and telephone calls is feasible. However, individual tailoring of the intervention is recommended. The majority of hip fracture patients needed >2 months oral nutritional supplements to meet their nutritional requirements. The trial was registered at as NCT00523575.

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TijdschriftClinical Nutrition
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StatusGepubliceerd - 1 apr 2012


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