Insights on Chemical Reactions and Formation Process of Electron Beam-Cured Acrylic Networks

Tommaso Frison, Willem J.M. Seegers, Daniel I. Totev, A. Catarina C. Esteves (Corresponding author)

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In electron beam (EB) curing of cross-linked acrylic networks, the very high energies in play lead to several chemical phenomena unfolding sequentially and simultaneously. Hence, the formation and composition of cross-linked acrylic networks cured by EB irradiation are expected to be different compared to networks obtained by other curing methods. Herein, we characterize the distinct EB-triggered chemical reactions of a model aromatic epoxy diacrylate by analyzing the cross-linked films cured at different EB process parameters, i.e., EB curing dose and dose rate. The viscoelastic properties of the cross-linked films were evaluated by DMTA, and their respective sol/gel fractions were analyzed by SEC, 1H NMR, and MS. The cross-linked films differ in their viscoelastic properties and network composition. High EB irradiation parameters were found to trigger multiple chemical reactions, namely, the activation and cleavage of C-C bonds of isopropylidene groups and C-O bonds of hydroxyl, ether, and ester groups. Understanding the connection between EB curing conditions, reactions involved in the network creation and polymer properties can enable bottom-up approaches to material design and a more efficient use of the EB technology on multiple polymer chemistries.

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StatusGepubliceerd - 13 feb. 2024

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This work has been financed by Nemho Innovations BV. Allnex Netherlands BV is gratefully acknowledged for supplying the acrylate resin. The authors would like to thank Laurens Dubel, Joost van Dongen, and Ton Staring for their help with DMTA, MS, and SEC analyses. We are thankful to our colleagues Remco Tuinier, Rolf van Benthem, Yujing Zhang, and Qadeer Alam for the insightful discussions and constructive feedback.

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