Inhomogeneous spatial point processes by location-dependent scaling

U. Hahn, E.B. Vedel Jensen, M.N.M. Lieshout, van, L. Stougaard Nielsen

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    A new class of models for inhomogeneous spatial point processes is introduced. These locally scaled point processes are modifications of homogeneous template point processes, having the property that regions with different intensities differ only by a scale factor. This is achieved by replacing volume measures used in the density with locally scaled analogues defined by a location-dependent scaling function. The new approach is particularly appealing for modelling inhomogeneous Markov point processes. Distance-interaction and shot noise weighted Markov point processes are discussed in detail. It is shown that the locally scaled versions are again Markov and that locally the Papangelou conditional intensity of the new process behaves like that of a global scaling of the homogeneous process. Approximations are suggested that simplify calculation of the density, for example, in simulation. For sequential point processes, an alternative and simpler definition of local scaling is proposed.
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    TijdschriftAdvances in Applied Probability
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    StatusGepubliceerd - 2003


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