Influence of the solvent and the enantionmeric purity on the transition between different supramolecular polymers

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The self-assembly of two enantiomerically pure hexa(oligo (p-phenylene vinylene))-substituted benzenes having 24 stereocenters was studied in pure methylcyclohexane (MCH) and in a mixture of MCH/toluene (4:1). Irrespective of the solvent a cooperative supramolecular polymerization mechanism was determined for these star-shaped molecules by using temperature-dependent CD and UV/Vis spectroscopy. Quite remarkably, a transition from one helical supramolecular state (A) to a second more thermodynamically stable supramolecular helical assembly (B) was observed. The rate of the A¿B transition was strongly dependent on the nature of the solvent; being faster in the solvent mixture than in pure MCH. By using size exclusion chromatography we could relate the increased rate to a decreased stability of the supramolecular A state in the solvent mixture. Next, we mixed the two enantiomerically pure hexa-substituted benzene derivatives in a so-called majority-rules experiment, which lead to the anitcipated chiral amplification in the A state. More importantly it appeared that the A¿B transition was significantly hampered in these mixed systems. Furthermore, the absence of chiral amplification in the B state revealed the formation of separated enantiomerically pure assemblies. Therefore, by using a wide variety of spectroscopic and chromatographic techniques we determined the influence of solvent and enantiomeric purity on the transition between different supramolecular states.
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