Influence of muscular activity on local mineralization patterns in metatarsals of the embryonic mouse

E. Tanck, L. Blankevoort, A. Haaijman, E.H. Burger, H.W.J. Huiskes

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This study addressed the theory that local mechanical loading may influence the development of embryonic long bones. Embryonic mouse metatarsal rudiments were cultured as whole organs, and the geometry of the primary ossification center was compared with that of rudiments that had developed in utero. The mineralization front in vivo was found to be nearly straight, whereas in vitro it acquired a more convex shape due to a slower mineralization rate at the periphery of the mineralized cylinder. A poroelastic finite element analysis was performed to calculate the local distributions of distortional strain and fluid pressure at the mineralization front in the metatarsal during loading in vivo as a result of muscle contractions in the embryonic hindlimbs. The distribution of fluid pressure from the finite element analysis could not explain the difference in mineralization shape. The most likely candidate for the difference was the distortional strain, resulting from muscle contraction, which is absent in vitro, because its value at the periphery was significantly higher than in the center of the tissue. Without external loads, the mineralization process may be considered as pre-programmed, starting at the center of the tissue and resulting in a spherical mineralization front. Strain modulates the rate of the mineralization process in vivo, resulting in the straight mineralization front. These results confirm that disturbances in muscle development are likely to produce disturbed mineralization patterns, resulting in a disordered osteogenic process.
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TijdschriftJournal of Orthopaedic Research
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2000


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