Influence of molar mass distribution on thermodynamics of polymer systems

E.L.F. Nies, A.A.M. Stroeks

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    For the description and prediction of thermodynamic data, e.g. volumetric and compositional derivatives of thermodynamic functions of state, many theoretical models are available. The Simha-Somcynsky theory can be considered to be very succesful if one is interested in the quantitative description of thermodynamic properties. Especially, for the equation of state properties this has been shown on many occasions. For the phase behavior of polymer systems, the theory hasn’t been evaluated yet In great detail. In this contribution the influence of composition, temperature and molar mass distribution of the polymer is studied for the system polystyrene/cyclohexane.
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    TitelIntegration of fundamental polymer science and technology 3
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    UitgeverijElsevier Applied Science Publishers
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    StatusGepubliceerd - 1989


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