Inclusive transport: fighting involuntary transport disadvantages

J.F. Jeekel

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Inclusive Transport: Fighting Involuntary Transport Disadvantages offers readers profound and multifaceted insights into transportation and social equity, guiding transportation and urban studies researchers, planners, and policy makers in evaluating potential solutions to this complex issue. It considers discrimination and its societal consequences, providing a needed perspective on who is left out of transportation planning, and why.

The book is systematically divided into 2 parts, Part A is problem oriented and explores the main problems to the transportation disadvantaged; accessibility and affordability. It looks at the consequences of non-accessibility, the problems non-car owners face, and the interplay between housing and transportation; Part B is policy oriented and analyses how current policies tend to forget transport disadvantages. It looks at pragmatic solutions for transport disadvantaged and ends with a design for inclusive transport, being a more radical approach combining sustainability challenges, people’s behaviours and emotions, creating more just and equitable mobility.
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