In-situ characterization of interface delamination by a new miniature mixed mode bending setup

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A new miniature mixed mode bending (MMMB) setup for in-situ characterization of interface delamination in miniature multi-layer structures was designed and realized. This setup consists of a novel test configuration to accomplish the full range of mode mixities and was specially designed with sufficiently small dimensions to fit in the chamber of a scanning electron microscope (SEM) or under an optical microscope for detailed real-time fracture analysis during delamination. Special care was taken to minimize the effects of friction, the influence of gravity, and non-linearities due to the geometry of the setup. The performance of the setup was assessed using specially-designed test samples supported by finite element analyses. Delamination experiments conducted on homogeneous bilayer samples in mode I and mixed mode loading were visualized with a scanning electron microscope and showed the formation of small micro cracks ahead of the crack tip followed by crack bridging and a full crack, thereby demonstrating the advantages of in-situ testing to reveal the microscopic delamination mechanism.
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