In-field experiments of the first photonics-based software-defined coherent radar

F. Scotti, F. Laghezza, G. Serafino, S. Pinna, D. Onori, P. Ghelfi, A. Bogoni

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The complete scheme of the first photonics-based fully digital coherent radar system demonstrator is presented. The proposed architecture relies on a novel flexible photonic transceiver, based on the software-defined radio paradigm, capable of generating and receiving signals with arbitrary waveform and carrier frequency. The system core is a single mode-locked laser, whose inherent phase and amplitude stability allows generating high-quality carriers over an extremely broad frequency range, as well as directly digitizing high-frequency signals with unprecedented precision. The implementation of the field trial demonstrator is presented in detail, focusing on both the photonic transceiver and the antenna's front-end, as well as on the employed digital signal processing. The excellent performance is proved by the results of the in-field experiments carried out with noncooperative targets in real scenarios. The outcomes from the aerial and naval target detections are here presented and discussed.
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Pagina's (van-tot)3365-3372
Aantal pagina's8
TijdschriftJournal of Lightwave Technology
Nummer van het tijdschrift20
StatusGepubliceerd - 1 okt. 2014
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  • radar signal processing
  • transceivers
  • antenna front end
  • digital coherent radar system demonstrator
  • digital signal processing
  • field trial demonstrator
  • first photonics
  • flexible photonic transceiver
  • infield experiments
  • photonic transceiver
  • receiving signals
  • single mode locked laser
  • software defined coherent radar
  • software defined radio paradigm
  • Laser radar
  • Optical pulses
  • Optical transmitters
  • Photonics
  • Radio frequency
  • Receivers
  • Analog to digital converter (ADC)
  • coherent radar
  • microwave photonics
  • mode-locked laser (MLL)


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