Improved Lorenz actuator by optimized magnet configuration

A.C. Stan

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In the wafer stage of a lithography machine, the nanometer-motion is actuated by Lorentz actuators (voice coil actuators). The desired qualities of these actuators are: high efficiency, high force density and high accuracy.
On the other hand they are an important source of strayfield (magnetic flux liking outside the machine). This creates the electromagnetic crosstalk which affects other vicinity devices.
The short stroke actuator consist of two main assemblies: coil ASSY and magnet assy. The goal of this project is to design a high efficient short stroke Lorentz actuator by optimizing the magnet configuration. Expected results will show the increase of motor constant together with the limitation of the output strayfield.
A test setup will be developed in order to experimentally verify the concept.
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  • Jansen, J.W. (Helm), Begeleider
  • Lomonova, Elena A., Begeleider
Datum van toekenning7 apr 2015
StatusGepubliceerd - 2015

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