Images of design thinking: framing the design thinking practices of innovators

Rianne Valkenburg, Janneke Sluijs, Maaike Kleinsmann

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    This book is intended for professionals and students with a passion for inno­vation. It presents a novel approach to innovation for use by anyone who creates new products, services, concepts or interventions ­ a designerly approach. Images of Design Thinking, written by innovators for innovators, is the first book to describe how a designerly approach is used in the field of innovation. Thirty seasoned innovators share their thoughts and experiences on how they apply design in their daily practice. Their stories show that there are multiple views on, or images of, design thinking in innovation: value­driven innovation, experience­driven innovation, purpose­ driven innovation and vision­driven innovation. These images describe combinations of the role, responsibility and vision of the innovator, the innovator's context (both social and physical), and the scope of the innovation project that he or she is working on. Each of these four images is discussed in a dedicated chapter that includes tips, pointers and best practices to help the reader get the most out of these rich combinations. The book provides inspiration to innovators at all levels of experience.
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    StatusGepubliceerd - 2016


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