IEA SHC Task 56 - System Simulation Models: Deliverable DC.1

F. Ochs, M. Magni, Paolo Bonato, Matteo D'Antoni, D. Geisler-Moroder, Martin Hauer, Samuel B. de Vries, Roel C.G.M. Loonen

Onderzoeksoutput: Boek/rapportRapportAcademic


Building Integrated Solar Envelope Systems for HVAC and Lighting includes a broad variety of technologies. Different “Solar Envelope” solutions for office and residential buildings are investigated and evaluated by means of building and system simulation. Detailed technical/economic analysis will be carried out in order to assess the impact of the integration of the solar envelope components for different buildings in different climates. Models for these technologies shall allow to develop and optimize control strategies for coupled control of indoor air quality, thermal and visual comfort (lighting) considering optimal energy performance.
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UitgeverijInternational Energy Agency
Aantal pagina's34
StatusGepubliceerd - 27 mei 2020

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