Hydration reactions in pastes C3S+C3A+CaSO4.2aq+H20 at 25°C.I

W.A. Corstanje, H.N. Stein, J.M. Stevels

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A characteristic retardation of the hydration of C3A is found in pastes C3S+C3A+CaSO4.2aq+H2O of weight ratios 1:3:z:4 at certain values of z, when sulphate concentration becomes insufficient for monosulphate formation. This retardation is ascribed to precipitation of amorphous Al(OH)3, when C3A dissolves in a limited amount of the aqueous phase shielded from the rest by C4AH13 or C4AH19. Evidence for the conversion of C3AH6 into C4AHn in supersaturated Ca(OH)2 solution is found.
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TijdschriftCement and Concrete Research
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StatusGepubliceerd - 1973


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