How to recruit and retain young people in engineering: experiences in the field of motivating (future) students in engineering

M.A.C. Egberts, P.E. Braat-Eggen

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The School of Built Environment & Infrastructure of Avans University of Applied Sciences wants to enhance the attractiveness of engineering education. Therefore it participates in e.g. the Technasium project. Talented students can take part in technical projects so that they will become acquainted with the world and study of engineering. In this the School of Built Environment & Infrastructure, AB&I, plays a coaching and professional role. AB&I has developed a number of activities to make young people interested in the study of the built environment. To show them what engineering education implies they organize special one-day programmes, take part of information days for female students and give extra courses to motivate technical college students to make the change from secondary education to higher education. Consequently future students will make better and more solid choices. During the study itself AB&I knows an intensive study career-counselling path. Its goal is to increase the students’ awareness of existing opportunities and choices. Spearheads include coaching students in the change from secondary to higher education, providing information about the professional aspects of the study and the built environment, the development of the awareness and assessment of the students’ suitability for their choice of study and their future professional careers
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TitelSEFI 2009 Annual Conference
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StatusGepubliceerd - jun 2009
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EvenementSEFI 2009 Annual Conference - Rotterdam, Nederland
Duur: 9 feb 20099 jul 2009


CongresSEFI 2009 Annual Conference


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