How peripheral data visualisation systems support secondary school teachers during VLE-supported lessons

Bernice D'Anjou, Saskia Bakker, Pengcheng An

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Through the integration of technology-enhanced learning (TEL) in the classrooms, there is an increase in Virtual Learning Environment-supported classes in secondary schools, which brings unintentional complexities in terms of monitoring for teachers [25]. To support secondary school teachers during VLE-supported lessons, a peripheral data visualisation system was designed and implemented in a three-week field study. Both qualitative and quantitative data were gathered and analysed through methodological triangulation in order to get an in-depth understanding about the use of the system by teachers. The key findings from our study were that the peripheral data visualisation tool, by being a distributed, highly visible system, was well integrated in the teachers' practice. The peripheral visualisation served as a trigger for teacher interventions where the teacher could confront the student's level of concentration and provide support when a student needs it. Furthermore, by offloading the secondary tasks of checking the students' level of concentration and progress to the visualisation, most teachers experienced more peace of mind and space to manage their primary teaching practice. Lastly, approximately 95% of 89 students experienced the data visualisation as neutral or motivating, while 5.7% of the students experienced violation of privacy by this medium.

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