Homogeneous synthetic mud-to-cement cementing glasses

Y. Perera (Uitvinder), V. Buccellato (Uitvinder), G. Quercia Bianchi (Uitvinder), A. Blanco (Uitvinder)

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A synthetic glass family in the quaternary phase field of CaO-Si02-AI203-MgO (CSAM) with hydraulic and pozzolanic properties for use in differing applications in the gas and oil well cementing area. A method of making a mud-to-cement (MTC) slurry and a method for treating oil and gas wells with the MTC slurry containing a homogenous amorphous synthetic glass made from a mixture of inorganic materials selected from the group consisting of CSAM, wherein the cementing glasses with the mixture of inorganic materials are in a 100% amorphous phase with a degree of crystallization of zero.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 20 nov 2009

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    Perera, Y., Buccellato, V., Quercia Bianchi, G., & Blanco, A. (2009). Homogeneous synthetic mud-to-cement cementing glasses. (Octrooi Nr. CA2633202).