High-order methods applied to nonlinear magnetostatic problems

L.A.J. Friedrich (Corresponding author), M. Curti, B.L.J. Gysen, E. Lomonova

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This paper presents a comparison between two high-order modeling methods for solving magnetostatic problems under magnetic saturation, focused on the extraction of machine parameters. Two formulations are compared, the first is based on the Newton-Raphson approach, and the second successively iterates the local remanent magnetization and the incremental reluctivity of the nonlinear soft-magnetic material. The latter approach is more robust than the Newton-Raphson method, and uncovers useful properties for the fast and accurate calculation of incremental inductance. A novel estimate for the incremental inductance relying on a single additional computation is proposed to avoid multiple nonlinear simulations which are traditionally operated with finite difference linearization or spline interpolation techniques. Fast convergence and high accuracy of the presented methods are demonstrated for the force calculation, which demonstrates their applicability for the design and analysis of electromagnetic devices.
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TijdschriftMathematical and Computational Applications
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StatusGepubliceerd - 29 jan. 2019


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