Hierarchical micro-/mesoporous zeolite microspheres prepared by colloidal assembly of zeolite nanoparticles

Walter Rosas-Arbelaez (Corresponding author), Andreas J. Fijneman, Heiner Friedrich, Anders E.C. Palmqvist (Corresponding author)

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A novel template-free colloidal assembly method that combines colloidal zeolite (silicalite-1) suspensions in a water-in-oil emulsion with an evaporation-induced assembly process has been developed for preparing hierarchical micro-/mesoporous zeolite microspheres (MZMs). Such particles have an interconnected mesoporosity and large mesopore diameters (25-40 nm) combined with 5.5 Å diameter micropores of the zeolite nanoparticles. The method developed has the advantages of employing mild synthesis conditions, a short preparation time, and not requiring the use of a mesoporogen template or post-treatment methods. The method provides a new range of micro-/mesoporous zeolites with tunable mesoporosity dictated by the size of the zeolite nanoparticles. It also offers the possibility of combining several zeolite particle sizes or optionally adding amorphous silica nanoparticles to tune the mesopore size distribution further. It should be generally applicable to other types of colloidal zeolite suspensions (e.g. ZSM-5, zeolite A, beta) and represents a new route amenable for cost-effective scale-up.

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TijdschriftRSC Advances
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2 okt 2020

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