Helping hospitals making the trade-off between service and resource utilization : a production control perspective

J.M.H. Vissers

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Hospitals are faced with growing demand for care and higher expectations for improved service delivery, but equally with tighter budgets and constraints on the availability of resources. This causes atension between the service offered ta patients and the pressure on hospital management to operate on high levels of resource utilization. The paper describes a nurnber of results obtained so far to tackle the challenge of clarifying the trade-off between service and resource utilization at the level of an individual hospitaJ. The main results are: a frarnework for production control that organizes the decisions that hospitals make or should make to organize their production; tools and experiences to describe processes in hospitais, at the level of patients and at the level of aggregate flows, and their interactions with resources; tools to organize the decision making process on baJancing hospital practice and priority setting under multiple constraints and with unprecise objective setting. Futher research is necessary to improve the support levelofthe current tools and to define the conditions that need to be fulfilled to use them effectively.
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