Hannay angles in magnetic dynamics

A. Rückriegel, R.A. Duine (Corresponding author)

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We consider, within the framework developed by Hannay for classical integrable systems (Hannay, 1985), the geometric phases that occur in semi-classical magnetic dynamics. Such geometric phases are generically referred to as Hannay angles, and, in the context of magnetic dynamics, may arise as a result of both adiabatically-varying ellipticity and axis of magnetization precession. We elucidate both effects and their interplay for single-domain magnetic dynamics within a simple model with time-dependent anisotropies and external field. Subsequently, we consider spin waves and rederive, from our classical approach, some known results on what is commonly referred to as the magnon Berry phase. As an aside, these results are used to give an interpretation for geometric phases that occur in superfluids. Finally, we develop a Green's function formalism for elliptical magnons. Within this formalism, we consider magnon transport in a mesoscopic ring and show how it is influenced by interference effects that are tuned by the Hannay angle that results from a varying ellipticity. Our results may inform the field of magnonics that seeks to utilize spin waves in applications.

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TijdschriftAnnals of Physics
StatusGepubliceerd - jan 2020

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