Hal-day tutorial: Evaluating interactive products for and with children

S. MacFarlane, J. Read, J. Höysniemi, P. Markopoulos

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    Description: The goals of participants in this tutorial will be: To understand the roles a child can play in the evaluation process. To become familiar with a number of evaluation methods that have proved useful with child users. To appreciate that evaluation can address topics beyond usability, extending to whether technology helps children have fun, learn, and develop. To be able to select appropriate evaluation techniques for particular circumstances. To appreciate the challenges and rewards of working with children as evaluators. Those attending this intermediate level tutorial should be familiar with basic concepts of usability and user-centred design, and should have an affinity for working with and designing for children. This tutorial explains, and provides practical experience of, interface evaluation methods that are appropriate when evaluating for or with children. Usability and fun evaluations are considered, as are ethical issues. The tutorial uses a mix of lecture presentations and practical exercises. Previous versions of this tutorial have been presented by the same team at INTERACT2003, CHI2004, and IDC2004.
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    TitelAdjunct Proceedings, HCI 2004
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    StatusGepubliceerd - 2004


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