Guideline-based decision support in medicine : modeling guidelines for the development and application of clinical decision support systems

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Guideline-based Decision Support in Medicine Modeling Guidelines for the Development and Application of Clinical Decision Support Systems The number and use of decision support systems that incorporate guidelines with the goal of improving care is rapidly increasing. Although developing systems that are both effective in supporting clinicians and accepted by them has proven to be a difficult task, of the systems that were evaluated by a controlled trial, the majority showed impact. The work, described in this thesis, aims at developing a methodology and framework that facilitates all stages in the guideline development process, ranging from the definition of models that represent guidelines to the implementation of run-time systems that provide decision support, based on the guidelines that were developed during the previous stages. The framework consists of 1) a guideline representation formalism that uses the concepts of primitives, Problem-Solving Methods (PSMs) and ontologies to represent guidelines of various complexity and granularity and different application domains, 2) a guideline authoring environment that enables guideline authors to define guidelines, based on the newly developed guideline representation formalism, and 3) a guideline execution environment that translates defined guidelines into a more efficient symbol-level representation, which can be read in and processed by an execution-time engine. The described methodology and framework were used to develop and validate a number of guidelines and decision support systems in various clinical domains such as Intensive Care, Family Practice, Psychiatry and the areas of Diabetes and Hypertension control.
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