GreyHound : a methodology for utilizing datapath regularity in standard cell design flows

R.X.T. Nijssen, C.A.J. Eijk, van

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This paper presents GreyHound, a new methodology to improve cell placement of logic netlists in standard design ßows by utilizing the regular structure of datapath circuitry. Key features of the methodology are automatic extraction of regular structures and utilization of regularity even after extensive logic optimization. The latter is important because logic optimization tends to introduce signiÞcant non-regularities even though the underlying structural regularity is largely preserved. In the proposed methodology, the structural regularity in the initial gate netlist produced by module generators is extracted automatically. This results in alignment specs for the regular logic, which are used to drive the subsequent placement of the netlist. After each customary iteration through placement and logic optimization, a logic correspondence extractor is used to identify functional correspondences between the optimized and the original netlist. Along these correspondences, the extracted structural alignment cell attributes are inherited from the initial to the optimized circuit so that its cells can be aligned accordingly
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