Graphic classes in the worldwide classroom: a comparison of two MOOC experiences

Ester Pujadas-Gispert, Ernest Redondo Domínguez, María Rosa Estela-Carbonell

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Graphics are present in the day-to-day professional practice of architects and engineers, not only to receive and transmit information, but also to design and create. Students who are accepted on university courses have varied curriculum vitae, and some may initially lack skills. Consequently, engineering schools have developed a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) entitled “The Language of Engineering” (ELI), which reviews basic geometry concepts and develops spatial intelligence, among others. The Barcelona School of Architecture has produced “From reality to design. From design to augmented reality” (RA), which covers topics including traditional architectural representation and the latest techniques. The goal of this study was to explain and analyse the main characteristics and learning strategies of these two MOOC (strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement). The results show that although strategies vary depending on the subjects, the contents and exercises should be practical and adapted to students (interests, level, time availability and aesthetics), always considering motivation as a key point (gamification). These topics have been found to have a considerable influence on the success of a MOOC. Therefore, the conclusions should be considered in subsequent versions of these courses and other MOOCs.
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TitelGraphic Imprints
SubtitelThe Influence of Representation and Ideation Tools in Architecture
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StatusGepubliceerd - 31 mei 2018
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EvenementArchitectural Graphic Expression (EGA 2018) - Alicante
Duur: 30 mei 201831 mei 2018
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CongresArchitectural Graphic Expression (EGA 2018)

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