GPU prefilter for accurate cubic B-spline interpolation

Daniel Ruijters, Philippe Thévenaz

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Achieving accurate interpolation is an important requirement for many signal-processing applications. While nearest-neighbor and linear interpolation methods are popular due to their native GPU support, they unfortunately result in severe undesirable artifacts. Better interpolation methods are known but lack a native GPU support. Yet, a particularly attractive one is prefiltered cubic-spline interpolation. The signal it reconstructs from discrete samples has a much higher fidelity to the original data than what is achievable with nearest-neighbor and linear interpolation. At the same time, its computational load is moderate, provided a sequence of two operations is applied: first, prefilter the samples, and only then reconstruct the signal with the help of a B-spline basis. It has already been established in the literature that the reconstruction step can be implemented efficiently on a GPU. This article focuses on an efficient GPU implementation of the prefilter, on how to apply it to multidimensional samples (e.g. RGB color images), and on its performance aspects.

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