GAL: A generic adaptation language for describing adaptive hypermedia

K.A.M. Sluijs, van der, A.J.H. Hidders, E. Leonardi, G.J.P.M. Houben

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    Nowadays, Web applications have become more sophisticated and interactive, and many of them also offer personalization and adaptation as their features. The mechanisms for these features are typically built on top of specific adaptive engine that has its own engine-specific adaptation language that can be very different from other engines. However, our observation leads to the fact that the main objective of these adaptive engines is the same, that is, to create adaptive navigation structure. In this paper, we present GAL (Generic Adaptation Language) that specifies the basic adaptive navigation structure in an engine independent way. Since GAL is generic, it can be compiled to difference specific adaptive engine and be used in combination with different authoring environments.
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    TitelProceedings of the 1st DAH'2009 Workshop on Dynamic and Adaptive Hypertext: Generic Frameworks, Approaches and Techniques (Torino, Italy, June 29, 2009; co-located with ACM Hypertext 2009)
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