Fundamentals of electrical drives

A. Veltman, D.W.J. Pulle, R.W. de Doncker

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Comprehensive, user-friendly, color illustrated introductory text for electrical drive systems that simplifies the understanding of electrical machine principles Updated edition covers innovations in machine design, power semi-conductors, digital signal processors and simulation software Presents dynamic generic models which cover all major electrical machine types and modulation/control components of a drive Covers dynamic and steady state analysis of transformers and electrical machines Interactive learning process provided online, using ‘build and play’ simulation tutorials to help the reader visualize the physical processes that take place in the drive This book helps students and engineers appreciate and understand the fundamental concepts of the modern electrical drives used in thousands of applications, from robotics and household appliances to wind turbines and hybrid vehicles. Updates to this second edition cover innovations in machine design, power semi-conductors, digital signal processors and simulation software. An interactive learning approach is taken in this text: theory and calculations are augmented by generic models which are transposed to a simulation platform. This 'build and play' method visualizes the dynamic operation of a comprehensive set of modules ranging from an inductance to a novel 'ideal rotating transformer' (IRTF). This module is at the center of the generic models used to explore the dynamic and steady state operation of grid and converter fed induction, synchronous and DC machines. The section on modulation and control emphasizes the role of power electronics and digital signal processors in drives. All figures in this text are included in the downloadable files in order to help with the preparation of customized Power Point type lecture material. Fundamentals of Electrical Drives is perfect for readers with basic engineering knowledge who have a need or desire to comprehend and apply the theory and simulation methods utilized by drive specialists throughout the world.
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