Functional safety methods for developing automated driving functions

A. Khabbaz Saberi, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TUE). Stan Ackermans Instituut. Automotive Systems Design (ASD)

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    TNO works on developing safety critical automated driving functions. This study aims to address the problem of integrating functional safety into the development process and the way of working of TNO. The ISO 26262 standard is used as the reference for functional safety in this study. This problem can be addressed from different aspects. Namely, development process, methodology, tools, and system architecture are the aspects that have been considered in this research.
    This project is divided into two major phases: Methodology design, and Case study phases. The design problem is tackled during the Methodology design phase. To solve the design problem, the CAFCR method is implicitly used. In the Case study phase the proposed solutions are tested in a small scale case study in order to validate applicability of the results.
    As part of the Design methodology phase of this project, the problem of integrating functional safety in TNO’s way of working is analyzed in more detail. Specifically, the two sides of the problem, i.e. ISO 26262 and TNO’s way of working are analyzed in this chapter. The significant aspects of the two sides are combined and connected using CAFCR method. These aspects are converted into requirements which can be used for designing the methodology. This phase resulted in Functional Safety Methodology (FSM), which combines the proposed integrated design process, and Architecture Framework for Functional Safety (A2FS).
    Furthermore, in the second phase of this project, i.e. the Case study phase, the proposed solutions put into test in practice. A small-scale project has been chosen to act as the pilot project. The case study showed promising results for the methods.
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